Hear O’ Minor: “Listen”

in the torah. god makes a big point about people listening. one of torah’s most important sentences begins “hear o’ israel.” deuteronomy 6:4. it is the pronouncement of the one god and is known as the “shema.” through jewish religious services, it is repeated many times. perhaps, it is because god knows that humanity hasContinue reading “Hear O’ Minor: “Listen””

Bullying: A Ten Commandments’ Issue That Was Addressed By The Master

in the book of leviticus, there is the torah portion kedoshim, chapter 19. kedoshim is, in part, a restatement of the ten commandments. kedoshim includes the commandments concerning one god, honoring your mother and father, honoring the sabbath, the lying, and using god’s name in vain. vayikra also expounds upon the commandments. bullying was anContinue reading “Bullying: A Ten Commandments’ Issue That Was Addressed By The Master”