Was He a God Fella? God, Sarah & Humor: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“I make you laugh, I’m here to … amuse you?

What do you mean funny, funny how?

How am I funny?

joe pesci, good fellas

was joe pesci goodfellas’ epic scene inspired by the god fella?

the torah records a similar scene. perhaps, the henry hill character was inspired by the matriarch sarah.

the story involves god visiting abraham and sarah.

“and he said, “i will surely return to you at this time next year, and behold, your wife sarah will have a son.” and sarah heard from the entrance of the tent, and it was behind him. now abraham and sarah were old, coming on in years; sarah had ceased to have the way of the women. and sarah laughed within herself, saying, “after i have become worn out, will i have smooth flesh? and also, my master is old.” and the lord said to abraham, “why did sarah laugh, saying, ‘is it really true that i will give birth, although i am old?’ and sarah denied, saying, “i did not laugh,” because she was afraid. and he said, “no, but you laughed.” genesis 18.

sarah unintentionally turned the master of the universe into a comedian.

sarah eventually has the promised child.

what does abraham name the child? derivations in hebrew of phrases such as “child of god,” “promised child,” or “god delivered” would have been appropriate. instead, the child was give a name that can be interpreted as “one who laughs” or isaac.

this name evidences abraham’s brilliance.

when prayers are said today, thousands of years since the event, god is always reminded of the need for a sense of humor. in several jewish prayers, the phrase “the god of abraham, the god of isaac, and the god of jacob” is used. each time, god is reminded both of his capacity to be a comedian as well as the need for his creation to have
a good laugh.”

we should all be thankful that sarah introduced the importance of levity in life.

be well!!

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