If You Are Asking Why? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds

bob marley redemption song

in the passover tradition of the four sons, that each ask questions. some people attending a seder may be thinking, “what is this to me?” the struggles of others, for many, are remote. modern slavery accounts are distant; they are as remote to many as the exodus from egypt. thus, these individuals, passover can serve as a moment of introspection. perhaps more than ever in human history, addiction and societal forces entrap individual’s cognition and and mindset. forces trapping individuals into both consumerism and ideology are connected to addictive devices and technology. this engagement is a form of your personal mental enslavement.

passover is a time of detox. we detox from “wonder bread” with matzah as well as other products. prior the explosion of kosher for passover products, passover was my detox time from sodas. i felt different after abstaining from the caffeine fix.

video games, social media, the internet, tv, alcohol, and drugs bring with them addiction. electronic based items focus on engagement. entities seek to addict on to engaging on social media or some other application to capture your time so that they may have you view more advertisements or be converted to an ideology. they consume your time away from other matters. presently, cyberspace is awash with the latest engagement, another round of trumpsim and anti-trumpism. click, click, click click. people need to now the latest on what is trending. people can’t spend an hour without taking a swipe at their smartphone to get up to date.

take this passover as a time to emancipate yourself. read an actual book; sit down and have an actual conversation; become a free thinking human being.

chag sameach, happy holidays to all!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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