Matzah Pizza Controversies, 2023: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

with another passover comes matzah pizza controversies. the 2023, question being “could whole wheat matzah stand up to traditional matzah?”

as much as the seder’s four questions were in my mind this year, there was a fifth “whole wheat” question. this year, having adopted a pre-diabetic friendly diet, regular matzah, like white bread, rice, potatoes and sugar, was not an option. “whole wheat matzah” would serve as the unleavened bread of choice.

the 2023 matzah pizzas would be of international flare. slice canned olives from israel and tomato sauce from italy, atop the usa made matzah. costco kosher for passover pizza cheese and fresh garlic would take their place of honor.

while complying with the one sacred matzah pizza rule “not too much liquid!”, the whole wheat matzah came off as lacking in the structural integrity as traditional matzah. the whole wheat matzah tended to slightly break up. while it remained tasty and edible, there was a notable change in quality.

to save this drop off, cinnamon iced tea was employed as a complement. two or three cinnamon sticks can be placed in a tea kettle and be boiled along with the water. once completed, the tea can be poured into a sturdy glass pitcher filled with ice. one should pour the hot water onto the ice to make sure that the glass doesn’t crack due to the heat. cinnamon tea, like whole wheat matzah, is sometime that is supposed to be have a positive effect on blood sugars.

the bottom line, whole wheat matzah is a decent, but not great, substitute for regular matzah.

be well!!

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