The Whack-A-Mole Journey, The 800th Post: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

over a decade ago, when i started my professional website blog, consultants and i addressed seo [search engine optimization] as well as the competition to achieve success. over time, the collaborative effort- not without arguments and multiple changes- obtained both national recognition impressive numbers. one satisfying moment came recently when a fellow attorney thanked me for a blog post. presently, once there is a mature blog,

the end result of this particular journey to an established blog is maintenance. thus, continual improvement and clever content is required to maintain relevancy. even mature trees require proper maintenance to thrive.’s blog reaches out to a different segment of the internet. politically and morally charged discussions enter a different jungle of competition. ideas, unlike in commercial matters, are subject to suppression and demonization. i created this blog when lockdowns and george floyd civil unrest was peaking.

frustration grew from being locked up at a time that the world was falling apart. society had finally lost it. this societal disruption was far different from the past chaos from the recent past. during the rodney king riots, i remember driving my car through the rioting to get to my friend’s condominium. there we spent the on his rooftop watching the city of los angeles burn. on other rooftops, there were korean storeowners who were armed and trying to protect their way of life.

the george floyd riots were different. the theft, which occasionally involved the loss of life, was sanctioned by politicians, social activists and the media. it was meant to change the political landscape of the united states. the high cost disruption ushered in the biden administration. it must be remembered that during the riots, business placed blm signs in their storefronts was kristalnachnt-ish. facism’s seeds were being planted across america. the violence to gain political power was reminiscent of the brown shirts.

if moses had a time machine and arrived during this period of time, he would have crafted another sent of ten commandments just to smash it down on an american society that was immoral, unethical and doomed.

governments, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, social activists, the media, and the internet, are all responsible for taking humanity to a new low. as evidence has has shown, this cabal demonized those opposed to an untested group of covid-19 vaccines or wished to use “horse dewormer” to cure the disease. the same “horse dewormer” that won a nobel prize and has been dosed perhaps a billion of times in humans. a drug that even vaccination provocateur bill gates’ foundation found to be safe. the vaccines’ success, however, were so problematic that the false narratives could no longer be maintained. to date, many workers, concerned over the vaccine, lost their jobs for refusing to take them. to date, medical institutions arguably committed crimes against humanity for refusing life saving medical care to those who were unvaccinated. even further, these lies led to demonization of segments of those who were concerned about an experimental vaccine. their employment, travel and the ability to eat was restricted. families were divided based upon the deception. for a long time, my wife and i sat segregated at family events. the pandemic’s farce was most apparent in my family when i, the unvaccinated, was asked to bring my father, who had covid-19, to the urgent care for treatment. these comments are not intended to deride the seriousness of the disease – i am keenly aware of many who have passed or who a profoundly ill from the disease- but they are meant to comment upon the wild misrepresentation that was conducted on behalf of political power and profits.

as the covid-19, opportunity for totalitarianism is rapidly fading, the gas pedal on gender base totalitarianism is increasingly pressed closer to the floorboard. the movement- with opportunities to gain power and profits- is in a fast march to criminalize other’s thoughts and words. the recent “bud light” boycott over a transgender individual- who has been viewed as demeaning towards women- has brought out sharp knifes. social media, such as youtube, is caught in a dilemma. while youtube’s platform contains boycott promoting content, it is conflicted it receives advertising revenue from bud light’s manufacturer. likewise, it finds itself to act as a censor to protect gender ideology. this necessity comes as many of the boycott posts are based upon humor concerning genderism.

small bloggers, with very little power or influence, are surprisingly the target of internet censorship. taking unpopular positions brings with it the risk of being de-platformed or censored. this has been this blog’s journey. this blog grows based upon content. at other times, the algorithms have hampered growth. further, search engines, such as bing, have censored the site from searches. why? the bing artificial intelligence application, when asked, couldn’t find the’s website. is this not telling about how smart “ai” is? the reality is that it is more “glorified” propaganda. people are being sold a lie with respect to it. “ai” is only as good as the data bases it both has access to and is allowed to search. thus, “ai” as a label is a misrepresentation. the likelihood of inaccuracy or misrepresentation is particularly why “ai” should be considered dangerous.

thus, this blog’s purpose must be that of a fire. while this flame may ignite only one person, the light has the potential to be passed on and improve society’s vision. recently, at a restaurant i frequented, i made the comment concerning another “hot button” topic. surprisingly, one of the young workers agreed with my position whole heartedly. i did not break his heart to tell him that a couple years ago, he was wildly on the opposite side of the debate. the covid-19 lies, propaganda, and results have opened the younger generation that when groups act in a totalitarian fashion, it is a big warning sign of problems to come.

in the end, as it was once said, all should have the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

be well!!

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