Mr. Musk, Please Credit Kushner; He Saw This Problem Long Before The Pandemic: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in an interview, mr. elon musk blasted remote work. as reported in the nypost: mr. musk noted: “he told faber he believes working in the office boosts productivity — and that employees who refused to return to an in-person setting after COVID-19 restrictions ended need to “get off their moral high horse” and get back to work like everyone else.” “the whole work-from-home thing, it’s sort of like, i think it’s, like, there are some exceptions, but i kind of think that the whole notion of work-from-home is a bit like, you know, the fake marie antoinette quote, ‘let them eat cake.’” “it’s like, it’s like really? you’re gonna work from home and you’re gonna make everyone else who made your car come work in the factory? you’re gonna make people who make your food that gets delivered – they can’t work from home? the people that come fix your house? they can’t work from home, but you can? does that seem morally right? that’s messed up.”

rabbi harold kushner, in about 2006, approximately 13 years prior to the pandemic, in his book “overcoming life’s disappointments” said “something dangerously corrosive happens to a person’s soul when he no longer takes his work seriously enough to give his best.”

as such, mr. musk’s complaints actually extend beyond the workforce. the work at home addiction has transformed how we view others. for example, delivery people come to houses of quite capable people to deliver a mere starbuck’s drink or a box of water. to some degree, this delivery process of individual items is de-humanizing. seeing the person’s face delivering a single drink is often cringeworthy.

to honor of rabbi kushner, i feel that his meaningful words are certainly “quote worthy” in this difficult time. he certainly captured the thoughts of mr. musk. as such, i hope that mr. musk will give some credit for the artfully crafted insight into human nature.

be well!!

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