“The” Soros Problem: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

growing up in los angeles, o.j.-simpson, pre-the simpson/goldman murders, was beloved by all segments of society. he checked off all of the boxes; a usc football heisman trophy winner, a nfl superstar, a handsome and talented spokesperson/actor. his public persona was excellent and he was known to be fan friendly. he lived on an amazing westside lifestyle [from the outside.] before his criminal murder trial, people joked that a jury of his peers would have consisted of rich affluent white people. his brilliant legal team, however, transformed his defense to be one of racism. his background was conveniently used as a shield. often, it is the wealthy and powerful from ethnic or minority groups that fall back on their roots when faced with adversity or criticism.

growing up in the los angeles jewish, i was never taught of mr. george soros. he was not one of the brave holocaust survivors that went to israel to fight in the war of independence. he was not the likes of an isaac singer, elie wiesel or golda meir.

recently, mr. elon musk critically commented upon george soros and received the obligatory backlash. ajc [note: please see the link. the fact that the ajc makes not reference to mr. soros’ contribution to either the jewish community or the state of israel is most telling. their statement is all defense without any substance.] as we all know, when george soros is mentioned, the term “the jews” soon follows. sadly, those within the jewish community defend an individual whose policies and beliefs are not jewish in nature. the defense of mr. soros is solely based upon the fact he was born jewish and suffered indignity as a result of his identity. saying the “soros” essentially opens a genie’s bottle filled with anti-semitic sentiment.

perhaps, it is time for jewish leaders, who have the cover of not being called an anti-semite, to critically speak out concerning mr. soros. mr. soros has dedicated his life to placing his fingerprints all of the world with respect to politics and social activism. in doing so, he opened himself up to deserve the most harshest of criticism. he has arguably destroyed communities where he does not live. he has taken his fight to where we live. he is most deserving of all of the blow back he gets. sadly, he, as much as his critics, should be called out on contributing to his ability to stoke up anti-semitism and causing unnecessary harm onto jewish communities.

many jewish people are tired of jewish leadership defending mr. soros. jewish leaders must ponder “why he is the boogey man which makes social media erupt with jewish conspiracy theories which in turn increases anti-semitic sentiment?” there are many prominent wealthy and controversial jewish families that trigger far less criticism. jewish leadership must come to the reckoning that it is not the “the” problem that they believe it to be. rather, it is “the soros” problem. as such, they should come out and simply say, when you are condemning mr. soros, please leave us out of it. a jns article excellently laid out the problem. here is a link to the article

unlike oj simpson, who built up nearly universal goodwill in the public’s eyes before seeing racism as a form of protection, mr. soros’ longstanding activities have created controversy and the deserved criticism. as a result, he has received undeserved defense from the jewish community. they have expended political capitol to stave off increased anti-semitism which has been in part caused by mr. soros’ unrelenting desire to inject himself into world affairs. is it time for jewish leaders to admit that “soros” is “the” “the” problem? can they should simply say he is an individual who harbors his own personal beliefs for which the whole world is “free” to express an opinion concerning and that they should not be construed as coming from the jewish community?

be well!!

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