The Medical Moses: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

dr. jamal rifi is sort of a moses of medicine. now, he is the moses in absentia. a lebanese military tribunal sentenced dr. rifi to 10 years in absentia. his offense: working with the project rozana charitable organization. dr. rifi’s criminal troubles provide the opportunity publicize the good works of the charitable organization whichContinue reading “The Medical Moses: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Anti-Semitic Ice Cream? A Ten Commandments’ Story

recently, the ceo and national director of the anti-defamation league was forced to admit that the political left has an anti-semitic problem. also recently, the state of israel has found that there is anti-semitism lurking in the shopping market freezer sections in the form of ben and jerry’s ice cream. these recent developments lead toContinue reading “Anti-Semitic Ice Cream? A Ten Commandments’ Story”