Looking in the Moral Mirror

how often to we look into our moral mirror? what do we see? failings in our behavior. triumphs? for many, it is painful. as we move through life, with more and more interactions, we create wounds and we are wounded. at times, we are uplifting to others and are a force of good. for many, we are a mixed bag.

when we look into the mirror, we can see the past, the present and the future.

the past can be painful. there are things that cannot be taken back. attempts to remedy the past can open wounds. it is difficult and unpleasant territory. should attempts be made to rectify the past, yes. how? at this point, my only advice is “good luck.” i invite others to comment upon it.

when we look into the mirror, we can see the present. the present is opportunity. opportunity to change oneself and make a better person. do something better. not do something harmful as what was done in the past.

an example of this is football quarterbacks and baseball pitchers. after they have made either a catastrophic intersection or made a pitch and gave up a bit hit, they are faced with moving forward and continuing to play the game. in order to move forward, they have to both forget what they did and remember what they need to do to improve or avoid the mistake. we too, need to do the same. if we remember this, we have the potential to move forward with improvement. to be a better person.

with respect to the future, it is all about what we choose to do in the present. everyday, be a better person.

be well!

Published by biblelifestudies

I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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