Moses Impossible? Casting Tom Cruise. A Man On A Mission

the ten commandments’ story is about a societal buy-in. it is about taking an oppressed people and transforming them into a nation. a nation that would be based upon values and morals pursuant to the torah and the ten commandments. a nation of justice for all and a nation that had societal responsibilities to take care of those in need. a nation that recognized that each individual was god’s creation.

tom cruise recently had an epic rant on the set of his new movie production. many people viscerally loved his anger and leadership. the question i pose is “why?”

mr. cruise was in charge of a movie production during the time of covid-19. movies have budgets. they have deadlines. therefore, anything that could delay a film production can be disastrous. individuals, who wish to be employed by the film production, do so to make money. they do so on their own volition. they understand that the movie had budgets, deadlines and that anything that cause a delay to the filming is not a good thing and should be avoided at all costs.

while covid-19 rules are annoying, there must be guidelines in play and complied with in order to prevent the spread of the virus. businesses have been asked to employ certain rules and regulations to limit the risk of the spread. employees understand that they must respect the rules.

tom cruises’ movie production had rules in place. tom cruise, as we would say, was ultra orthodox with respect to the rules. he was in charge and was determined that rules be followed. he had many reasons to be concerned. he most likely had insurance taken out in the event of a covid-19 outbreak. if he was lax on enforcement on the set, and there was an outbreak, he could have lost the insurance recovery for a loss. further, it would appear that he most likely wanted the production to move forward and be completed on time. he did not want any headaches.

his rant is was a follows: “we are the gold standard,” he says. “they’re back there in hollywood making movies right now because of us. because they believe in us and what we’re doing. i’m on the phone with every f***ing studio at night, insurance companies, producers, and they’re looking at us and using us to make their movies. we are creating thousands of jobs, you motherf***ers. i don’t ever want to see it again. ever!” cbsnews.

the exodus was similar. those chose to leave egypt understood that they would become a nation and that there would be rules. there significance of this event was heightened as it was god who performed great miracles to get them free. moses was committed to making sure that the exodus was a success. he worked hard to teach the rules and render judgment to the peoples to make it so.

although tom cruise is a scientologist, i think he would make a great moses in a movie. besides being able to give a great performance, he has a deep understanding of the nature of commitment to a project. he has a deep understanding that there must be a societal buy in.

in sum. our societies have the same problem that mr. cruise was confronted with on the set. there are people who don’t want to buy into societal morals and values. our societies have leaders who fail to understand that there must be a societal and moral buy-in for residents. these leaders fail to address conduct that is not acceptable. the consequences of this poor leadership resulted in the destruction of communities quality of life. further, we have residents who are disrespectful of others. they want the benefits of a good society but they do not wish to do the the things necessary to make that good society. thus, our societies have two problematic groups. foolish leaders and the disrespectful residents.

to steal a line from mr. cruise, the ten commandments values and morals are the “gold standard” which we need to live up to so that we may all enjoy a wonderful and enriching life. .

be well!!

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