Can We Learn Morals and Values From Animals?

i have some animal neighbors. they are loud to the point of obnoxious. when you are driving your car and encounter them on the road, they may look at you and play “chicken.” in other words, you need to drive towards them to intimidate them to move.

upon further observation, i found something remarkable.

these animals are grass eaters. these animals feed in groups of perhaps 6 to 8. in observing them eat, there was one thing stood out. out of the group of these animals, 2 of them stood guard observing for predators while the others ate. thus, two of these animals sacrificed eating for a period so that the others in the group could safely eat. further, the ones that had guard duty took their role very seriously.

taking this observation further, one must assume that this group of animals had to make a determination as to who and when a particular one had guard duty.

thus, these animals possessed concepts of sacrifice, responsibility, coordination, and leadership.

this animal is the canadian goose.

perhaps, these qualities may explain part of their resurgence. while they are a migrating bird, some have been residents of areas. there, they seem to take over.

part of their success must be attributed to their willingness to sacrifice for the group, being responsible for the task of defending others, being able to coordinate responsibilities and having the leadership within the group to make it happen.

so, can we learn something from these animals?

when i am out in public, it is becoming increasingly more rare that we see humans willing sacrifice and cooperate for the sake of others. additionally, we have problems coordinating responsibilities. we are lacking in leadership.

god created all the animals. he found them to be good. perhaps, there is something we can learn from them to better humanity.

be well!!

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