State Sponsored Murder of At Risk Youth

many individuals love to use marijuana for recreational purposes. many people, in their usage, want to have the consumption and possession of it legal.

many government officials love marijuana. many government officials love the campaign contributions that marijuana advocacy can provide. many government officials love the tax revenues that marijuana can provide. in sum, government offices love money that goes into both in their pockets and the government coffers.

as a result, marijuana, in many states, has become legalized.

at what cost?

is it time for marijuana advocates to start being honest about its problems?

marijuana is a psychoactive drug. marijuana has side effects. in a perfect world, medical doctors, prior to prescribing medications, will assess a patient’s medical history to see if it is appropriate to provide a drug. perhaps due to the lack of the need for a medical prescription, cannabis has become one of the most widely misused substances.  international perspectives on the implications of cannabis legalization: a systematic review & thematic analysis. bahji a, stephenson c. int j environ res public health. 2019;26:3095

while cigarettes carry with their warnings from the surgeon general and there are many public service announcements about the evils of cigarettes, there is very little being done on the issue of marijuana safety on a governmental level.

as a result, we now have state sponsored murder of at risk youth.

a recent study found that “found that the presence of cannabis use disorder was significantly associated with an increased risk of nonfatal self-harm, all-cause mortality, and death by unintentional overdose and homicide.” association of cannabis use with self-harm and mortality risk amount youths with mood disorders, fontanella, steelesmith, brock, bridge, campo, fristad, doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2020.5494

the conclusion was that “cannabis use disorder is a common comorbidity and risk marker for self-harm, all-cause mortality, and death by unintentional overdose and homicide among youths with mood disorders. these findings should be considered as states contemplate legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, both of which are associated with increased cud (cannabis use disorder).”

thus, states’ allowance of free flowing marijuana is having a mortal effect on at risk youth. states’ lack of concern for this problem is not surprising. states really do not care about the health and welfare of their residents. this is the sad reality of modern society.

the marijuana problems with respect to mental health is not something new. “it is a well-known fact that many of the abuse substances cause psychosis, which is a part of the schizophrenia spectrum; cannabis is one. moreover, if cannabis use leads to schizophrenia development or worsens schizophrenic symptoms, it is a subject of interest for many psychiatrists and researchers.” patel s, khan s, m s, hamid p. the association between cannabis use and schizophrenia: causative or curative? a systematic review. cureus. 2020;12(7):e9309. published 2020 Jul 21. doi:10.7759/cureus.9309.

the conclusion of that study was

“cannabis and schizophrenia/psychosis have a close relationship. we have evidence suggesting that cannabis use, primarily thc in cannabis, in genetically predisposed or at-risk populations, leads to earlier diagnosis of psychosis/schizophrenia. this tells us that thc in cannabis has a small causative effect on schizophrenia. thc in cannabis also makes schizophrenia and psychosis symptoms worse and causes more relapses and hospitalizations. neuroimaging studies show the detrimental effect of cannabis on brain morphology, especially adolescent brains. recent trials in therapeutic cbd use are showing its alleviating effect on positive symptoms of schizophrenia and its opposing effect on thc, which warrants further research. Although cbd shows therapeutic potential, there is still more harm from cannabis than benefits, and adolescent cannabis usage should be discouraged at all costs. we still need more extensive studies for more detailed data about cannabis and its effects.”patel s, khan s, m s, hamid p. the association between cannabis use and schizophrenia: causative or curative? a systematic review. cureus. 2020;12(7):e9309. published 2020 Jul 21. doi:10.7759/cureus.9309.

in sum, the combination of the individual’s passion for marijuana and political corruption has in reality led to state sponsored murder of at risk youths.

this article should be a reminder of to all of the power of government includes the power to kill this article should be reminder that there is serious need for marijuana legislation to both discourage and prevent at risk youth from marijuana usage. to accomplish this, legislation is needed. with respect to that legislation, it should be solely funded by any tax proceeds from marijuana sales.

be well!!

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