Homeland Security Thought I Was A WMD, Why Wasn’t He? 9-11 Happened Again In Boston: Just Ask Rabbi Shlomo Noginksi: A Ten Commandments’ Story

pre-covid, i flew up to san francisco for business. my companion and i went through los angeles international airport tsa screening with flying colors.

in san francisco, as i entered the court reporter’s offices for a deposition, i took advantage of the hand sanitizer with aloe to lather my hands and elbows. life was good.

after the deposition, and some sightseeing, my companion and i took returned to the san francisco international airport for the return flight. my companion went through tsa screening with no problem. i, however was detained. my crotch apparently triggered their testing device. i was escorted to a private room and was “patted down” in my private areas. my companion’s photo essay of this brought be further indignity as she laughed hysterically. it only got worse a photo captured and documented my first bald spot. oy veh!

hand sanitizers, i learned after the incident, can trigger tsa screeners because they have chemicals used in bomb making. once used, hand sanitizers and transferred to other body parts. thus, a restroom visit likely caused my tsa problem.

my business travels to san francisco continued. aware of the sanitizer conundrum, i vigilantly them to prevent tsa problems.

my efforts were for naught. it happened again….while the los angeles international’s screening once again passed me with no difficulty, san francisco international flagged me for another clothed fully body pat down.

what was going on? two times? i laughed it off and claimed that us government believed that somehow my genitalia were both weapons of mass destruction and a threat to national security.

in sum, homeland security devoted considerable time to seach me. they did, however, not spend enough time to prevent another 9-11 incident. in boston. on 7/1/21, rabbi shlomo noginksi was allegedly stabbed multiple times by khaled awad, who was 24 year old egyptian national. mr. award was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer.

the incident, relatively minor, is, however, a monstrous “red flag” on homeland security. the incident exposed the that homeland is not doing their job and that a re-assessment of the entire agency is needed immediately to prevent another 9-11.

mr. awad had overstayed his student via. per “independent government reports, including an april 2011 report by the government accountability office, raise legitimate concerns about the need to better track those who overstay their visas. ” factcheck.org

thus, the us government has been aware of the problem for over 10 years. what have they done to address this? perhaps, nothing.

khaled awad, the alleged attacker, was an egyptian was on a student visa since 2019 and he, according to ice “he failed to stay enrolled as required by law, resulting in a loss of legal status in the U.S on May 14, 2021.’  fox.com additionally, reporting has revealed that he had ” prosecutors said awad has no record in massachusetts, but has faced charges of battery and theft in Florida and was sent to a mental health facility there” cbs they reported ” His roommate aidan says he and awad were friends until awad attacked him in their shared kitchen on day, prompting Aidan to move out and get a restraining order.” on top of that the roommate indicated that “i was scared of what he was capable of because i realize he was a very dark person,” said eric.” cbs. his roommate also found him to be anti-semitic. cbs.

in sum, had homeland investigated mr. awad after his legal status terminated, they would have found ample documentation suggesting that he should have been detained and returned to his country of origin immediately. he had been granted the privilege of attending school in the us. his behavior and mental instability issues were certainly good reason to get him out of the country as soon as possible. instead, thank god, rabbi noginksi survived this senseless attack.

where was homeland? over the years, as my stories show, they have the time to subject united states citizens to multiple extensive airport searches. with respect to foreign nationals with overstayed visa, did they spend any time searching criminal and civil data bases to see they had a problem? if so, did they take any action?

let the inquiries begin!

be well!! and be safe!!!

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