After September 11th Comes September 12th: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

september 11, in the united states, is a time of mourning and remembering. as such, it is an inappropriate time to address important questions that our politicians, leaders, and law enforcement should be required to address. perhaps, september 12th is the time; a reconciliation of what are truly the continued and sustained efforts being made to prevent another september 11.

for most americans, we only see the dog and pony show at the airports called tsa. we are all inconvenienced due to our desire to use public transportation. i wonder, however, if the time devoted to extreme searches of american citizens with no terrorist affiliations is time well spent.

another component of the 9-11 event was that the terrorists had overstayed their visas.

recently, there was an assault conducted by an individual who overstayed their visa. despite interaction with our court system concerning alleged violence, nothing was done to remove him from the country prior to him seriously injuring an individual.

recently, there has been the stabbing of author salman rushdie. from the reporting, it would appear that us citizen spent time in lebanon and became radicalized. his actions have been lauded for a foreign country. are our leaders concerned with radicalized individuals’ activities in the country?

thus, it would be refreshing that on every september 12th, those in power give detailed accounting of all efforts, non-classified, to prevent another 9-11. questions such as “how many individuals in this country are here on expired visas?” would be a first start. “is the government tracking individuals on visas for criminal activity?” ” is the government deporting visa recipients, and those who overstay their visas? if someone on a visa is accused or suspected in criminal or terrorism acts, are they being deported?” and “if so, how many of these individuals have been deported?”

recently, we have seen law enforcements failures with respect to some mass shootings. a number of these individuals were on the law enforcement’s radar. were there missed opportunities to prevent harm?

in sum, in light of recent occurrences, one’s confidence with those protecting america is disconcerting. for this reason, we desperately need a september 12th.

be well!!

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