Cuteness Can Break All Rules: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a puppy, not god, is love?

we recently adopted a puppy. over the past weeks, partly not to leave the dog alone, partly because of excessive heat, and partly for a social experiment, we brought the little one everywhere. defying countless store signs, the hypoallergenic puppy met no opposition. the puppy, rather, won over store owners, store employees, and customers. cuteness matters. with cuteness, there are no rules.

the puppy did its best as a good will ambassador. people flocked to the animal to share a moment of happiness, a moment of love, a moment of cuteness.

with puppy cuteness, you get curiosity, acceptance and affection. these are components of love. in instantaneous experience is intoxicating. no effort or commitment required.

love, as we can see, involves breaking the rules. love can include immediate acceptance and friendliness. we all enjoy the ease. in stores, while service animals that assists their owner, the puppy service a little love to all comers.

to some, love has taken on a divine nature. i see many signs on front lawns and other places equating god with love. “god is love” is their statement. accepting this phrase on its face begs the question as to whether god is solely the act of love.

there is something terribly wrong with this statement. god is much more than the act of love. god is the creator of the universe and humanity. god is the master of the universe. god is our parent. god is the ultimate being who covenants with humanity for its betterment. god is the giver of the torah and the commandments. god is the one who show mercy.

dog vs. god? a puppy will encounter you bring you cuteness, curiosity, acceptance and affection. the true positive experience. god, however, is much more than this form of love. the loving god is one who is the creator and master of the universe. it is a god of expectations, judgment. and mercy. a loving god. not love, however.

in sum, as mr. paul anka sang, “that’s while they call it puppy love. ”

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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