Helping The Few To Help the Many? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

‘logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few
… or the needs of the one’


leonard nimoy lived in my neighborhood. walking to and from elementary school, i always have my eyes out for him as i passed by his residence. i was in “search for spock. ”

my ill fated attempts, however, were not the subject of the movie “the search for spock,” rather it was the sequel to the greatest star trek movie, “the wrath of khan. ” spock, in the end of the movie, sacrificed his life to save the ship and crew. he famously voiced “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

the movie line spawned “healthy” debate. philosophy classes have used it as an essay question.

mr. nimoy’s employed his roots to develop the spock character. the famous vulcan sign was taken from the jewish priestly blessing sign. the vulvan greeting of “live long and proper” is similar to the jewish priestly benediction as well as other jewish greeting phrases.

when his character spock professed his “needs of the many” statement, was he again relying on his roots? another character, however, may have.

william shatner, in his captain james t. kirk, character, chose to defy spock’s “logic” and sought to save the “one.” he sought to take care of the needs of the one. was mr. shatner inspired to do so based upon his jewish faith as well?

the torah documents the construction of humanity’s structure. god builds humanity with a foundation of one. god choses an exceptionable individual to shape society for the many.

he found abraham to build upon. he carried forward with isaac and jacob. he then took on joseph. he protected him so he was able to attain a leadership role in egypt. the “one” joseph was able to save his family, “the many,” from the famine in canaan.

god’s search for the one in the torah climaxes with moses. he employs the “one” to effectuate, the emancipation of a nation. to do so, as noted in in exodus 3-4, god provides moses the means to do so. in doing so, he provides his a partner, his brother aaron.

was the torah a source of inspiration for mr. shatner’s captain kirk when defied “so called” logic to save his shipmate and friend spock? perhaps, mr. shatner can provide some insight.

this mental exercise, however, should takes to an understanding of the importance of the “one.”

when we look back in history, we often look at the “one.” certain individuals are credited with great achievement. thus, the “one” has tremendous value. the “one” however often gain value by the others or the many. as with moses, aaron complemented him. likewise, those who follow his instructions from god have elevated his historical relevance. as with spock, it was his partnership with captain kirk which created the greatness. thus, it could be said that “in the one there is many, and in the many, there is one.”

in sum, there truly is value in appreciation of the “one.” without the one, we can never get to the many. the one must have an appreciation and understanding of the many that make them the one.

be well!!

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