Moore (Family) Justice: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

you shall not pervert justice; you shall not show favoritism…. Justice, justice shall you pursue

deuteronomy 16: 19-20

the moore family and their supporters scored one of the greatest victories in california criminal justice history.

they took on the los angeles county sheriff’s department, the los angeles country district attorney, and the entire state of california political power structure. their pursuit of justice forced them to go outside of california to get federal law enforcement to handle the matter.

strong arguments can be made that california’s political power structure did everything to bury this matter. the accused in this matter had donated money to many in political power. there was simply no interest to prosecute the case. the miracle of this win perhaps would never had taken place had hilary clinton taken office as president. she received money from the accused. further, the biden administration may not have had interest as well. mr. biden’s former boss, president barack obama, had received also received money from the accused.

the moore family and their supporters sent a powerful message to those in power. the most vulnerable individuals will have their day in court. they will receive justice.

ed buck, the accused and now convicted, was everything that big politics protected. he was a large donor to democratic party politicians and causes. he had reportedly handed out one half million dollars since 2000. he is gay white man. his victims were essentially homeless gay african american males.

mr. buck’s alleged sordid crimes are a public relations nightmare for the gay community, gay supporters, and the democratic party. the latimes reported that ” the verdict concluded a two-week trial that featured harrowing testimony by men hired by buck to show off their bodies in underwear and get high on crystal meth and the party drug ghb. excerpts from buck’s hundreds of graphic videos and photos of the drugs-and-sex sessions left spectators wincing at the trial,” latimes. com

publicity about the “ed buck agenda” to those aligned with mr. buck was not desirable. the “ed buck agenda” of exploiting vulnerable people for personal sexual satisfaction is still a local agenda for others. soft human trafficking of the vulnerable to the los angeles area is encouraged by local politicians. the vulnerable are being invited to come for the purposes of being exploited by the wealthy and the powerful. the ed buck prosecution evidenced this notion with the fact that one of his victims was recruited to come to california.

mr. buck’s agenda worked for along time. the first dead body at his residence was essentially ignored by those in power. even a second dead body could not get local law enforcement to bring prosecution. two victims died at mr. buck’s residence, mr. gemmel moore and mr. timothy dean.

a family member is quoted as saying: “our lives matter, our community matters, and just because someone is unhoused, an addict, may be a survival sex worker, or an escort, or hiv positive does not mean their lives don’t matter and we should look the other way when they show up dead in a white democratic donor’s home.”

the los angeles times wrote that “moore’s mother, latisha nixon of texas, had questioned whether buck’s ties to elected officials and differences in race and class influenced the investigation. buck, who is 63 and white, is a longtime political donor, onetime west hollywood city council candidate and a well-known figure in lgbtq political circles. moore had been homeless and had worked as an escort.”

the los angeles blade contained an excellent article and opined that “instead of celebrating that the killer of 26-year-old gemmel moore and 55-year-old timothy dean has been found guilty, and will likely find himself spending the rest of his perverse life in prison, the community needs to reflect on the fact that without one black woman’s relentless determination to seek justice for the families of gemmel and timothy, ed buck may have gotten away with his crimes and more defenseless black men would have suffered or even died at his hands. she orchestrated and led a grass-roots effort to get the criminal justice system of los angeles to listen to gemmel’s mother latisha nixon’s plea for justice. she used gemmel’s own words, written in his journal to alert authorities to the depths of the debauchery occurring inside that second floor flat in west hollywood. she pleaded with law enforcement including the district attorney for the county of los angeles to take action. her activism and fueling the rage of the greater community finally received the attention of federal law enforcement and action that culminated in buck’s arrest and the trial.”

in sum, individuals cannot let the powerful determine justice. justice is for all. this brave and courageous mother, along with her supporters, showed the world that there are no boundaries for justness and righteousness.

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