The Greatness Hmong Us: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the lee family gave america a gift. they reminded the united states of both american spirit and greatness. the lee family, via their daughter, ms. suni lee, offer a much needed story of dedication, hardwork, family values, and overcoming adversity.

ms. suni lee’s gold in the overall women’s gymnastic team will hopefully inspire people to have conversations about family values and sacrifice.

“may she never pay for a drink”

ms. suni lee’s gold medal brought her to the pantheon of great olympic american gymnasts. these great gymnasts can have an international impact. nadia comaneci and olga korbut, while competing for foreign countries, are beloved in the united states.

ms. suni lee’s story is that of olympic gold: her father building a balance beam in the backyard as a child, her being from a hmong immigrant family, her large family supporting her, and her family having to deal with their father’s paralyzation at ms. lee’s ascension to qualify for the olympics.

“may she never pay for a drink”

ms. suni lee worked through physical problems. ms. suni lee is someone who worked through her problems to achieve her dream. hopefully, marketers and promoters that will lavish her with endorsements and promotional opportunities. any income would be a great assist to deal with her father’s medical costs.

ms. suni lee, and her family, can be a powerful voice for americans and what it needs so dearly.

“may she never pay for a drink.”

one of my client is a former nfl superbowl champion. he tells amazing stories of his struggles and successes in college. he tells stories of have to teaching college to supplement nfl salary. he tells stories of playing with hall of fame legends. while these stories are decades old, they give everyone hearing them the chills. he is inspiring.

suni lee, hopefully, will be around along time. years from now, perhaps she will share her great story to inspire others.

“may she never pay for a drink”

while olympics wins are great in and of themselves, in the world of sports, there are moments which are burned into the psyche. in los angeles, there are a few. one, dodger kirk gibson, crippled and barely able to walk, changed the course of a world series with one mighty home run swing. another, laker ron artest served as the last man standing to carry the team to a game seven championship victory. the series was so physically demanding that the great kobe bryant experienced problems playing that epic match. bars and establishments in los angeles will forever show appreciation to mr. gibson and mr. artest for these great moments

suni lee has had such a moment. hers, however, is not for just a city, it was for an entire country.

“may she never pay for a drink”

be well!!

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