Choosing An Anti-Semitism Envoy Is a Historical Decision: A Ten Commandments’ Story

conversations concerning anti-semitism must be centered as to when jewish history begins.

modern anti-semitism thought is political. a segment of society and intellects view the rise of adolph hitler and his genocidal program as the beginning of jewry. their bible is “the diary of anne frank.” the ending point of jewish history was supposed to be the holocaust’s conclusion. the jews served their purpose. they were props for labeling those politically abhorrent as “nazis.” this tactic, as with all political absurdity, have been extended to accusing an author of a book on anti-semitism to be a nazi.

to these segments of society and intellects, hitler’s greatest mistake was that he didn’t finish the job. had he done so, the problems relating to the modern state of israel would not exist. for these people, the destruction of the modern state of israel upon its declaration of independence would have satisfactorily closed the book on the jewish problem.

there are others in the world that look at the bible as the source of jewish history. god’s words to abraham of “lech lecha” or “go” was the start of judaism. the culmination of the founding of the jewish nation occurring with moses, mt. sinai and the provision of the torah and the ten commandments.

for those who follow this history, we are familiar with the first anti-semite, it is the master of the universe. beginning on exodus 32:7, ” and the lord said to moses: “go, descend, for your people that you have brought up from the land of egypt have acted corruptly. they have quickly turned away from the path that i have commanded them; they have made themselves a molten calf! and they have prostrated themselves before it, slaughtered sacrifices to it, and said: ‘these are your gods, o israel, who have brought you up from the land of egypt.’ ” and the lord said to moses: “i have seen this people and behold! they are a stiff necked people. now leave me alone, and my anger will be kindled against them so that i will annihilate them, and i will make you into a great nation.”

in response, moses take the responsibility for jewish people and has righted the ship to present. the torah is still being transmitted from generation to generation. the laws, ordinances and commandments are still being practiced.

from the torah onward, there is jewish history which includes a homeland in the levant dating back thousands of years as opposed to 1948. those who wish to discredit the jewish people, arguably an act of anti-semitism, choose to eliminate these facts from history.

as the biden administration offers holocaust historian deborah lipstadt and professor of modern jewish history and holocaust studies, the question to be presented to her is “when does jewish history begin?”

be well!!

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