California Needs (Groucho) Marxism

politics is the garden of eden of incompetence

groucho marx

groucho marx was not only the best marx brother, he was the best marx period!

you can bet your life that god had little clue what he created with groucho what he unleashed onto the planet. he provided generations of laughter for americans that was body low brow and high brow. his intelligence and clever wit shined. thus, it is no surprise that his antics brings laughter today. almost 90 years ago, mr. marx broke out in song. this song, perhaps, has more meaning today that it had when he sung it on the silverscreen in the movie horsefeathers.

in college, i never took a political science class. i didn’t need to. i had mr. marx’ professor quincy adams wagstaff to teach me all that i needed. his lecture in the tune ” i’m against it” turned me into a groucho marxist.

the song goes as follows:

i don’t know what they have to say
it makes no difference anyway
whatever it is, i’m against it
no matter what it is or who commenced it
i’m against it

your proposition may be good
but let’s have one thing understood:
whatever it is, i’m against it
and even when you’ve changed it or condensed it
i’m against it

i’m opposed to it
on general principles, i’m opposed to it

he’s opposed to it
in fact, indeed, he’s opposed to it

for months before my son was born
i used to yell from night till morn
“whatever it is, i’m against it.”
and i’ve been yelling since i first commenced it
i’m against it genius

california governance and politics statewide has one certainty. when voters generously open their pocketbooks to add on additional taxes and debt, the politicians betray their fiduciary duties and squander the money. the problems or projects have almost always resulted in train wrecks. this includes an actual train project. californians have taken on increased costs beyond normal taxation for matters such as homelessness, school building and a bullet train. they have been rewarded with more homelessness, school funds being diverted to corruptly purchase i-pads, and a bullet train which has never been completed.

enough, enough, enough….whatever it is, californians simply must be against it. california governance is incapable of handling the matter.

californians must take it upon themselves to handle problems as opposed to opening their pocket books to the government to handle. biblical principles of reaching out to others in need will accomplish more than entrusting those who have contempt to the concept of fiduciary responsibility. after all, we aren’t living in the garden of eden, we are living in california.

be well!!

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