The Doctor Who Took the Hypocritical Oath: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

You can fool some people sometimes
But you can’t fool all the people all the time
And now we see the light

bob marley

dr. anthony fauci’s failure to express covid-19 concerns over the obama birthday party exposed himself as a hypocrite. dr. fauci, however, took time to lash out at others for their possible covid-19 spreader activities. dr. fauci’s testimony before the senate further raised eyebrows as to his credibility. he has lost the appearance of being a candid person. his rattled appearance is not good for someone who is an alleged authority.

the obama birthday party had covid-19 spreader concerns. there were individuals coming from all over the country to attend. there was exposure to large amounts of people in a close setting without mask, there were a large number of individuals working the event. the event was held in an enclosed setting, a tent. further, the event was one in which individuals would want to spend as much time as possible there having a great time. these are all the trappings for a covid-19 spreader event.

dr. fauci was silent about the event. dr. fauci now has become an official super spreader of hypocrisy. this is the lambda variant of covid-19. the sole symptom from the lambda variant is the inability to be truthful and candid. the downside of this variant is that it can last a lifetime. dr. fauci’s lamda variant infection is of a grave concern to the public. when one is infected by a super spreader like dr. fauci, symptoms from it include distrust in the medical profession as well as the loss of faith in it.

as a result, dr. fauci has in fact created another health crises in america.

the only prophylactic or cure to save us from dr. fauci is the truth and access to both medical epidemiologist and infectious disease doctors. these doctors have been doing the heavy lifting during the pandemic versus dr. fauci who prefers to spend his time tossing out first pitches at baseball games.

bob marley’s quote concerning being fooled is relevant to this matter on multiple levels. the words themselves have meaning. mr. marley’s interaction with the medical profession gives it a far deeper meaning.

mr. marley was diagnosed with melanoma on his toe. he was faced with serious medical decisions which became fateful. perhaps it was mr. marley’s love of dancing and soccer influenced his medical decision to do an excision on the toe rather than an amputation. that decision unfortunately led to a cascading decline in health which ended in his death at the age of 36. had mr. marley had a strong trusting relationship with a competent doctor, perhaps he could have been convinced to take a more aggressive courses of treatment that could have saved his life.

bob marley’s story illustrates that the lack of a strong doctor-patient relationship can have fatal effects.

a large part of medicine is doctors giving advice, prescribing therapies, prescribing medications, and asking a patient to make lifestyle changes. the likelihood of success in getting patients to buy into compliance is the patient’s trust in the doctor.

for instance, my mother believes that her primary care doctor is god-like. she follows his every word. it is as if he worked at mt. sinai medical center! her belief and faith in her doctor paid off when he diagnosed her with rare infectious disease. he saved her from losing sight in one of her eyes.

while he is truly one of the greats in the profession, he will have to admit that a family medical decision, which he opposed, turned out to be a success. the family medical decision, a subject for another blog, was made, however, based upon the opinion of another great medical professional. thus, even with outstanding medical physicians, there can be differing opinions. while i took issue with my mother’s doctor on one issue, his differing opinion was still credible. he has earned his great reputation.

dr. fauci has crossed the rubicon. his presentations are like the great muhammad saeed al-sahhaf. mr. al-sahhaf was the information minister for sadaam hussein during the 2003 iraq invasion. mr. al-sahhaf would outrageously lie at press briefings about the iraq’s success against the invading american forces. he lies were so spectacular that they were humorous. the world laughed and he became universally loved.

like muhammad saeed al-sahhaf, dr. fauci has become a source of comic relief from the covid-19 pandemic. as it is said in proverbs 17:22, “a happy heart enhances one’s brilliance, and a broken spirit dries the bones.” thus, our laughing about dr. fauci’s follies may be the best medicine he has offered to us.

be well!!

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