When A Black Mother Refused To Let Her Son Become History: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

while i never met my client’s mother, she influenced my entire life and career. she defined decision-making, courage, love, the practice of medicine, and dissent.

my now deceased client shared with me the story of when he suffered from a life threatening brain bleed condition.

he was taken to a local los angeles county hospital. when his mom showed up, the doctors they instantly gave her his medical status which was dire. the only thing they offered to her was whether she wanted clergy to come and administer his last rites.

she, however, did not take so kind to what she perceived as a lack of effort to save her son. she courageously told them right away to “pack up my son in an ambulance, i am taking him to cedars sinai!” cedars sinai is a top los angeles county hospital. the hospital followed her orders. the cedar’s medical staff was able to save his life.

he eventually recovered. he lived and worked for a number of years and eventually passed.

his mother opened my eyes to many aspects of life: quality medical care, second opinions, courage, a mother’s love, and the power of dissent. while many individuals may have shied away when a medical authority offered an opinion, she was brave enough to assert a right to both get a second opinion and have it done at the best place possible.

his mother’s actions were likewise a testament to the ten commandments. his close and loving relationship with his mother paid off when she fought so hard to save his life. as it is said, “honor your father and your mother, in order that your days be lengthened.” exodus 20:12. my client’s story serves as actual proof to the assertion.

in sum, my client’s mother’s advocacy plays a strong role in my posts on medical issues. i am forever grateful that my client shared this story about his amazing mother.

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