Sight As A Source of Spiritual Blindness? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

rebbe menachem schneerson blessed and advised countless individuals. .for many, the rebbe was beyond mere mortal. recognized as a historical religious figure, the rebbe held court with people individually as he handed out his famous dollar bills. the procession was a diversity of the young, the old, the sick, the healthy, the weak, the powerful, the poor, and the rich. all comers received their moment with the rebbe.

some came to the rebbe at a time of spiritual need. matters of health brought to the rebbe’s attention. for some, the saw the man and wanted his personal blessing. the blessing from a mortal. the man that they could see. they saw their redemption in the man. their sight blinded them from the vision that was offered. the rebbe’s spiritual level being so great did not offer anything to them.

the rebbe comprehended the conundrum. with strong conviction, he refocused these individuals down the spiritual path. the rebbe’s blessings always came come from the almighty. he directed them to god for their redress and concerns. he provided them the vision to go on a road that one cannot see. he connected them with god.

eyes and emotions often can get in the way of faith. genesis 21:19, hagar’s eyes are opened by god to see what was already there. with faith, one’s vision opens to all of the possibilities. for these individuals, seeing the rebbe blinded them from seeing the world and opportunities that the master of the universe provided for them to work out their problems and issues. the rebbe directed them towards the faith so that they had the proper perspective.

today with technology, the opportunity to view great teachers is available. there is much to learn by watching.

be well!!

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