The Last Defining Act of a Great Life? Ten Commandments’ Tale

a 99 year-old new yorker was struck and killed while crossing a street in his wheelchair.

did this final event define this man’s life?

the new york mayor tweeted that “we owe it to his memory to make our streets safe for all new yorkers.”


this 99 year-old will be remembered for more important matters.

this man’s last act was not the car accident. his last act was that he was on his way to synagogue to pray. he was headed to his shul were he held the position as he the position of gabbai. this man’s memory was of his commitment his faith and his god.

this last act of righteousness, however, was merely a part of a remarkable life.

mr. jack mikulincer’s real story is better than hollywood. mr. mikulincer was a holocaust survivor from urkaine. he escaped from a forced labor camp and became a resistance fighter in world war ii. he then went on to fight in israel’s war of independence. after, he moved to brooklyn where he owned and operated a bakery for many years. in his final years, Mikulincer devoted himself to synagogue life and was the shul’s gabbai.

he leaves loved ones and will be missed by many. with this, they all know of the true nature of his last act on earth.

in sum, the memory of mr. jack mikulincer’s is of one who led an amazing and devoted life. the driver who tragically killed him will be the one to bear the memory of that sad moment. they will be remembered as the one who ended an amazing life.

be well!!

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