Hesitancy Is No Justification To Ignore Scientific Proof: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a new scientific study is out. natural immunity can offer better protection than vaccination.

if this is the case, why aren’t policy makers using science to make decisions?

historians will look at this scientific fact about the covid-19 pandemic to recall this as a time when scientific truth as a basis for public policy was suspended in lieu of unscientific based totalitarianism. oppression via mandates are currently being employed to destroy lives solely to make a point. people are losing employment as a result of their vaccination status. this is not being done for science.

individuals, such as dr. fauci, have egos and motives way too big to take a step back and appreciate the actual science. natural immunity plays a scientific role in how public policy should be conducted. dr. fauci, and his likes, are actually evil individuals who feel free to allow individuals to lose their jobs and livelihoods because they wish to protect their egos and want to prevent vaccine hesitancy. vaccination which, for some individuals is scientifically unnecessary and irrational. dr. fauci, and his likes, are content to rule are public health systems with irrationality and see lives destroyed. yes. we have a doctor who is hell bent on destroying lives rather than saving them.

a new israeli “study finds previous COVID-19 infection, but not vaccination, improves performance of antibodies and potentially provides longer-term protection.” eurekalert.org

the study itself reported the following conclusion: “the quality of antibodies increases following infection but not after vaccination. obese individuals have a significantly higher and sustained humoral response following infection. these results provide specific characteristics of the immune response that may explain the differential protection against COVID-19 in previously infected and vaccinated

thus, before any more lives are destroyed by vaccine mandates, isn’t it time to pause them and take the actual science into account? the alternative is that society comfortable to irrationally punish individuals who are scientifically protected from covid-19.

the implications are horrific in the long run.

politicians should be forced to address natural immunity. if they refuse to do so in light of the science, they should be labeled as truly evil individuals undeserving of the honor of governance. after all, its the science.

be well!!

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