A Great Author Could Have Taken A Page From The Greatest Author: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Do not add to the word which I command you, nor diminish from it, to observe the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you
Deuteronomy 4:2

the master of the universe’s brilliance should always be appreciated.  author theodore seuss geisel aka dr. seuss perhaps should have learned from the master creator.  mr. theodore geisel’s dr. seuss legacy is being transformed.  forces want them to be updated.  nypost.com

it is reported that some of his unpublished artwork will be altered and a six of his books will no longer be published.  it is reported that the publishers are creating new dr. seuss line. ” a new set of up-and-coming authors and illustrators are set to create “inclusive” storylines inspired by the drawings with the aim to “represent a diverse cross-section of racial backgrounds to represent as many families as possible,” according to reps for dr. seuss enterprises.”  nypost.com

why publish them as a continuation of the dr. seuss line?  why not create a new line and allow these authors and illustrators make a name for themselves?

as mr. geisel has long passed, we will never know whether he would have approved of the recent drive to have his legacy changed and altered.  this is a cautionary tale for those, who own the intellectual property rights and wish to maintain integrity to their art. thus, one must go back in time to see how the master of the universe addressed the issue.

the master of the universe made known his intentions and laid it out clearly in the text.  deuteronomy, he made made loud and clear that his work, the torah, was not open to alteration.

the power of this edict can be appreciated today by everyone.  we all owe gratitude to the hundreds of generations of sofers or scribes who carefully made sure that each and every letter was copied exactly.  as a result, we are blessed with one of the greatest experiences possible.  we are able to read the unaltered words from god.  we are able to hear the same words that were told to the multitude of bible characters such as moses.  further, we are able to read the laws, including the ten commandments, as they were pronounced on mt. sinai.

the power is even greater.  we are able to look at the same text that historical figures viewed. you read the same words that that jesus and his apostles read.  you read the same torah that the great rabbis such as hillel and akiva studied and debated over.  the same torah that gave hope and wisdom to people with the challenges of each century.

the torah, of course, contains parts that may not translate into modern times.  who cares?  we all get to share the real deal.  this is what is important.  we share with all of those in the past, the present and the future.  the torah’s eternal words bend time and space to bring all of humanity together.

did dr. seuss appreciate this fact?  dr. seuss’ works suggest that he may have had some bible literacy.  was sam’s refusal to eat green eggs and ham, a declaration of his keeping kosher? was the grinch stealing christmas a commentary on the ten commandments?  was “hopping on pop” a lampoon on honoring one’s parents?  was yertle the turtle’s turtle stacking a metaphor the the tower of babel?  who knows?

dr. seuss’ legacy, at this moment, is being steamrolled.  there are several drivers for this change.  wokeism must be satisfied by destroying the past and re-writing it.  dr. seuss publishers fear this wokeism and understand that they run the risk of being boycotted.  school libraries could cease purchasing the original books due to them not being politically correct.   further, they may have been sold on the notion that with wokeism comes the opportunity to publish a new dr. seuss line.  these new editions will spur new sales and will make money.  this business model may lead to short term profits.

dr. seuss’ publishers, however, need to be reminded that the all time selling book on the planet is the one for which editing is forbidden. it is a closed book with no room for further publications.   this book of course is the bible with 5 billion copies sold. thus, remaining true to the creator’s intent, in the long run, can pay off.

in sum, the publisher’s end game rationale for the changes would appear to be concerned with only one color; not black, brown, etc but green.  creators and authors, throughout their careers, must pause and make their intentions known concerning their works.  do they wish to have their art changed or do they feel an importance that it remains unaltered?  thus, artists should take the time to consider e wisdom of the ultimate creator.

be well!!

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