God Gave Israel To The World, Not Imperialism: A Ten Commandments’ Story

sometimes, individuals pontificate their beliefs and advocacy with little understanding of history.

the following is a perfect example.

blm co-founder ms. patrisse cullors is quoted with the following: ‘palestine is our generation’s south africa,’ she told the students. ‘if we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project that’s called israel, we’re doomed.’ dailymail

imperialist project?

in the 70’s of the common era, not the 1970s, there was an imperialist empire. it was called rome. in the 70s of the common area, the roman empire fought and captured the jewish homeland which was located in modern day israel. the jewish people were defeated. they lost their temple in jerusalem. while the jewish people tried to rebel and take back their country. they were unsuccessful. as a result, an approximate 1900 year diaspora ensued.

thus, the jewish state was in fact lost to imperialism. for those in need of proof, please refer to the arch of titus in rome which depicts the romans taking the spoils of the temple in jerusalem. thus, long before islam, jewish people lived and occupied the levant.

since their dispersal from jerusalem, jews, all of over the world, in their prayers have included the following line, “next year in jerusalem.” for hundreds and hundreds of years, they never gave up on the belief that they would one day return to their land. thus, the jewish people made it clear to the world of their intentions.

god promised to abraham the land of israel. his descendants lived there. israel was once again promised to the jewish people when under moses’ leadership. exodus 23. this is the land for which there were two temples in jerusalem and had been occupied, with one break due to the assyrian invasion, until the roman conquest.

thus, ms. cullors’ statement devoid of any facts that support the jewish people’s claim to their promised land. ms. cullors, in hitler-like fashion, wishes to end israel.

thus, for any person is either jewish or supports israel’s right to exist as nation, anything associated with ms. cullors, namely blm, is to be viewed as anti-semitic. thus, blm supporters should understand that their leader created a problem. she created legitimate reason to not support the organization. simply put, if blm supports and advocates the killing of jews and the destruction of their country, do not take offense if individuals do not wish to support it.

in sum, contrary to ms. cullors’ belief, it was an imperialist project which destroyed the jewish people’s nation. the creation of the modern state of israel was in effect the reversal of imperialistic policy. thus, if ms. cullors actually understood this part of history and believed what she says, she would be an advocate for the state.

be well!!

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