Creation, Creators and Humanity: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

creators are now in vogue. on the internet, there are groups of people who label themselves as “content creators.”

we love creators. we have the ultimate creator, the master of the universe, who made a planet for our enjoyment. likewise, we have creators who bring us entertainment, understanding, and technology, that improve our lives.

humanity’s strong point, unlike other animals, is the ability to generationally transmit this creativity and ingenuity. each generation has built upon past generations’ contributions.

the knowledge transmission has taken different forms. we have gone from rock carving, to clay tablets, to animal skins, to papyrus, to paper, and now to digital formatting.

with each form of knowledge storage, humanity will act to re-format past content. after that the re-formatting period ends, the need for new content emerges. thus, creators become in demand.

as the internet has already incorporated significant amounts of humanity’s past content onto it, there is now a renewal of the need for “content creators.” content creation has taken many different forms on the internet. there are aggregators, there are those who take existing content to create additional content, and there are those who create content qirh limited reference material. thus, while we have content creation, there is a disparity concerning the level of creativity. as a wise person once said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” eccleiastes 1:9. a true creator’s challenge is to prove this wise person wrong.

while god is the ultimate creator, he maintained and soft spot and admiration of humanity’s creative and artistic abilities. in exodus 31:1-6, “the lord spoke to moses, saying: see, i have called by name bezalel the son of uri, the son of hur, of the tribe of judah, and i have imbued him with the spirit of god, with wisdom, with insight, with knowledge, and with [talent for] all manner of craftsmanship to do master weaving, to work with gold, with silver, and with copper, with the craft of stones for setting and with the craft of wood, to do every [manner of] work. and, behold, with him i have placed oholiab the son of ahisamach, of the tribe of dan, and all the wise hearted into whose hearts i have instilled wisdom, and they shall make everything i have commanded you:”

god has taste. his artistic commission was so important to him that he did not rely on moses. he personally sought out his artists. likewise, in doing so, god recognized that artists carry with them spirit, wisdom, insight and knowledge. likewise, creators carry with them these qualities as well.

in sum, it is spirit, wisdom, insight and knowledge are the qualities that will make our creativity and creations great. society, to grow in a healthy manner, must foster these qualities.

be well!!

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