Why Are They Not Listening? A Plea From a Father Seeking Justice Ignored

a ten commandments based society is a “justice” based society. if a police officer is accused of murdering an individual, then the justice system should handle the matter. justice for the victim. justice for the accused. the facts of what transpired matter.

there are those who do not wish to justice to even occur. all of the facts don’t matter. the mere fact that it was a black man killed by a police officer was all that mattered. verdict rendered and now they seek their own form of justice for their personal outrage. what the father of the deceased son thinks, who cares? this matter is all about them and not the victims.

mr. walter wallace is seeking justice for the death of his son walter wallace jr. mr. wallace jr. lost his life at the hands of others and a factual investigation must be done to determine whether there was a crime and whether justice should be administered. if there was an alleged crime, the justice system must address this matter with no favor towards either the victim or the accused.

walter wallace, a dedicated long time sanitation worker for the city pleaded:

“- my apology, man. my apology.

– and i don’t condone no violence, tearing up the city, looting stores, and all this chaos going. And i just [? feel ?] everybody have any respect for my family and my son to stop this violence. and i really, and from my heart, feel like justice has got to be done to help my son and help my family.

that’s all i’m sending out is an sos, to help. not to hurt and cause loads of chaos, violence, looting fire, all these things because i wasn’t brought up like that. i don’t know what’s going on, and i hope people show my family and this city some kind of respect, like me, i ain’t got time to loot and burn up, and destroy where i live. it is uncalled for. it really is.

feel me? and the people doing it is sending a bad– they not helping me and my family. they showing disrespect. And they– they making it look like we animals and we is not.”

thank you mr. wallace for your plea.

the question presented is “why are the protestors, looters, and rioters not listening to the requests of the family?”

who these individuals attack, burn, riot and loot tells us alot about who they are and what they believe.

it was reported that on october 27, 2020, the vietnamese baptist church was burned down. “vietnam baptist church has served as something of a community center each weekday, providing help with immigration paperwork, taxes and even marriage counseling.” these protestors, looters and rioters are good with seeing a house of god be destroyed. what does this tell you about these people? they have no respect towards god and those who believe in god. they have no respect for god’s laws.

mr. wallace’s words are those who share ten commandments values. he notes the respect for himself and family, he observes that when individuals depart from values they reduce themselves to animals. humanity has a justice system which protects all that participate, both victim and accused. why are they not listening to mr. wallace? they have no respect towards god and those who believe in god. they have no respect for god’s laws.

we are humans. we are not animals. the laws of nature do not apply. the laws of nature warrant that it is the powerful that rule and dominate at the expense of the weak and vulnerable. humanity has different laws. the ten commandments lays out laws which depart from nature. they provide a system of justice. the ten commandments and the torah provide that the most powerful are subject to justice as much as the most vulnerable. why are they not listening? they have no respect towards god and those who believe in god. they have no respect for god’s laws.

burning down buildings, destroying businesses, terrifying neighborhoods, and injuring law enforcement officers is not what communities want. why are they not listening? they have no respect towards god and those who believe in god. they have no respect for god’s laws.

is there an agenda? does social justice require a new world order in where there is no justice? is it all about looking at who was on the sides of the conflict and making a decision based upon that? if we go that route, the crime no longer means anything. it is irrelevant. this is no justice.

let us remember the words of mr. wallace. we need a ten commandments based society. theft and murder is wrong.

to those who are not listening, “social justice is social garbage.” every individuals has rights. social justice destroys these individual rights. a society will not survive with perpetual rioting and looting. we only will be left with streets littered with garbage. social justice produced garbage. broken glass, broken faith, broken lives, broken dreams, broken spirits, broken cities, and broken futures. this is the social garbage you are delivering.

there is a common chant for protestors, “no justice no peace.” perhaps, the chant should be, “social justice no peace.”

we all need to try to be better people. each individual should be able to live their lives from harm such as theft and murder.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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