PT Robbins, Your Personal Motivational Guru, To Help You After You Carelessly Spilled Your Double Cappuccino With Extra Expresso Shots: A Secret To Getting Up From Failure: Changing the Narrative

pt robbins, your personal motivation guru, is back. pt, a big basketball fan, is also a fan of this blog. of interest is a blog post concerning an international incident of petty theft and the individuals involved on the road to redemption. there is new information relating to it which is the inspiration for this blog post. so, start on your virtual firewalk and let’s dive in. this one is a guaranteed slam dunk in the motivatometer.

the earlier blog post addressed three ucla basketball players who where caught in an international event of petty theft. two of them took their punishment and returned to the team to be productive members. this 2020-21, season was looking quite well for the team. there were ncaa tournament aspirations.

on 12/13/20, however, tragedy struck the team. their senior star player, chris smith, tore the acl in his knee and will be missing the rest of the regular season. [note: best of luck for mr. smith on his recovery. hopefully, one day we will all see him in the nba.] as a result, mr. smith’s valuable leadership, skills and abilities will have to be replaced by others if the team wishes to continue to have ncaa tournament aspirations.

this leads to today’s motivation lesson. when you screw up, there are pathways to redemption. this one today is about changing “the narrative.”

when you are trying to work on restoring your reputation and the faith that others have in you, opportunities may come your way to take you to the next level. a “narrative changing moment.” if you are sticking with your program to correct your errors and doing all the right things, it is possible that even better things may happen. with respect to this, you may have the opportunity to “change the narrative.” the new positive events can make it happen.

case in point. these two players, due to the team’s unfortunate loss, now have the opportunity to help save a season on the brink. they will have the opportunity to re-write their narrative. the narrative about them stepping up helping to save this season will diminish the narrative of them making a mistake. everyone loves a feel good redemption story. these two players have a tremendous opportunity to add a wonderful chapter to their life and their character. they positioned themselves for the chance to do so. i wish them the best of luck.

what do should you get out of this? when you are down and you messed up, stay on the right track. do all the things necessary to get yourself back on track. with that, you are creating the narrative of redemption. further, in doing so, you are also positioning yourself for additional opportunities for redemption. thus, there is the opportunity to add an additional narrative concerning your character and reputation.

words of advice from commander peter quincy taggart from the sci fi movie “galaxy quest:” said, “never give up, never surrender!”

if you persist in fixing your mistakes, you can not only dig yourself out of the hole, you may end up placing yourself up on a mountaintop!

on a personal note, pt robbins has seen many people in the proverbial “dog house” make it back in to the “big house.” with time, hard work, dedication, commitment, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances, painful mistakes can be put in the past as mere memory.

be well!!

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