PT Robbins, Your Motivational Guru, To Motivate You, With a Blended Iced Mocachino, On The Issue of “Not Winning.” Sometimes, Its Entirely Not Your Fault.

sometimes you lose and it is not your fault.

your failure. your defeat. your disappointment. it was nothing that you were in control to effect. it was going to happen. don’t despair, pt is here to get you back on the “winning” track. despite a set back, we will get you back on the winning track.

pt knows that you did everything right. you worked hard, you made all of the right moves. you were amazing. you, however, failed.

pt is here to say this. “sometimes, you never had a chance.”

pt’s alter ego will share a story.

pt’s alter ego was top ten in his law school, order of the coif, winner of multiple american jurisprudence awards (highest grade in the class.)

the placement offices at his law school arranged for an interview at a boutique law firm. they had had communications with the firm and had high prospects on making a match.

pt’s alter ego knocked the interviews out of the park. the firm was interesting in part because it handled particular land disputes.

in the end, there was no job offered. pt’s alter ego went for years wondering what had happened. he blamed himself over this loss.

years later, pt’s alter ego met a friend’s friend. she told pt’s alter ego that she was an attorney that worked at a law firm. it turned out that it was the firm that pt’s alter ego had his job interview. it turned out that she was the one who got hired. further conversation led to the revelation that her grandfather owned properties that were subject to the particular land disputes that the law firm handled.

at that point, pt understood that he never had a chance at that law firm. all things being equal or not equal, a law firm with the potential of getting business from an associate should have made that move. it was impossible to resist. thus, they made a call that they felt was best for them. pt’s alter ego now understood. he never had a chance.

the motivating lesson to be learned is that there are times where there are forces outside of your control that will cause you to fail. it’s not your fault. there is no reason to be disappointed. there is no reason to be sad. it just happens.

thus, when you go out in the world super motivated by pt, you need to factor into your success equation that there may be times when success is simply “out of your control.” thus, there is the need to refine your definition of success and satisfaction to account for these moments. an occasional loss should not be determinative of your success.

in, sum, “win, win, win,” “lose,” “win, win, win!”

be well!!

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