Our Neighbor Was An (Undercover) Angel

the ten commandments express great concern over our treatment of neighbors. we should not covet them, lie against them, or steal from them.


perhaps, some of the reasoning to protect neighbors is that they can be wonderful. great neighbors can make our lives fulfilled and enriched. likewise, our reciprocity can enhance their lives as well.

our neighbor was an [undercover] angel. in fact, he was the “undercover angel.” he wrote the song.

one day, i was talking to my parents and they told me that our neighbor, alan o’day, had taken them out to lunch. i was shocked. as a son, i understood my obligation to subject myself to such a meal, but our next door neighbor? i thought that it was such a nice gesture. it was one of the many kind acts of mr. o’day.

mr. o’day, rest in peace, for along time, was our block’s big celebrity. he was a famous singer and songwriter. he wrote music for the tv show muppet babies, he had a number of hit songs. his biggest hit, however, was the song “undercover angel.”

as children, we were too shy to ask mr. o’day to sing his hit song. whenever he was in our house, we had the “undercover angel” challenge in play. we would try any form of trickery to get him to sit at the piano and get him to burst out in song. it never worked. we adored him.

he and his wife were always amazing neighbors. when we saw him on the street, we always had friendly conversation. we would visit each others houses. on occasion, we would attend one of his charity concerts. he corresponded with my niece was a musician interested in song writing. a happenstance meeting on the street with alan would simply make the day that much better.

when mr. o’day passed, my mother and i attended the ceremony held. he and his wife were our neighborhood family. it was an honor to be there to remember our great neighbor.

in sum, loving your neighbor can make life wonderful and enriching. mr. o’day was truly and angel to our family. perhaps, the master of the universe had this in mind when he delivered the ten commandments.

be well!!

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