The Great Amplifier: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

i prefer to turn lights on in people’s souls

rebbe menachem schneerson

“amplification” is a word now captured by media and social media. taking a voice and making it known to the greater part of society is now considered a tool and a weapon. this social awareness is shaping politics and our educational systems. many of these “amplified” voices of individuals emanate from the tiktok platform. the voices “amplified” have made news as they are far from what is perceived as mainstream. they have raised concerns about societal morals, values and beliefs.

the rebbe practiced in old school “amplification.” long before social media, he sought to amplify positivity by reaching people’s souls and sought to bring out what was inside of them. he believed that good deeds or mitzvahs could provide a spark.

turning the lights on in people’s souls is not such an easy task. the amplification of one’s soul takes brilliance and innovation. thus the rebbe and chabad movement, pre-social media, weaponized their amplification with a military vehicle. the battle for goodness and souls was to be fought with a tank; a “mitzvah tank.” he was seeking have individuals make mitzvahs. he noted “a single person performing a single mitzvah, could be the deed that tips the scales and brings redemption to the entire world and all of creation.”

as it was described by the rebbe:

“a tank is undeterred by trenches and pits and simply crosses them to reach the other side. an iron barrier—the weight of the tank simply crushes it. this is the purpose of the [mitzvah] tank if: there is a (spiritual) pit or trench, or even a barrier—things that are not associated with holiness—it nevertheless can go and fulfill its mission—to dispel evil and introduce good and g‑dliness into the world.”

from an address by the rebbe, 1974 ( free translation)”

the rebbe put boots, books, tefillin, and shabbas candles on the ground. his people offered individuals the opportunity to get on the right track with the commitment of a mitzvah. chabad movement has likewise brought their battle to the internet. they have excellent websites with wide ranging materials. their online library is invaluable for someone wanting to access the torah and other materials.

in sum, the rebbe’s success is proof [to be] “positive.”

be well!!

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