The “Ice Cream Principle”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

one of my alzheimer’s ridden father’s greatest loves is ice cream. while haagen daz is preferred, most any other brand will do. when visiting my parent’s house, for some reason, i have to open up the freezer door to see the one true staple of a quart of the sweet frozen treat. presently, my father speak incoherently. nobody cares whether he is saying anything truthful. we listen and ignore.

recently, a 36 percent annual increase was recently reported. if the stock market went up 36 percent, the president of the united states would be taking a victory lap. if there was a 36 percent increase in school test scores across the nation, a president would certainly take credit for it. if there was a 36 percent drop off in crime, that would be a great thing to let the entire nation know about.

no irony should be lost when president joe biden’s passover op-ed was entitled “to fight antisemitism, we must remember, speak out and act.” what does anti-semitism have to do with the passover holiday which celebrates god’s deliverance of people from bondage and oppression? passover is a time for people to get together to celebrate together the common dream that we should all taste freedom and enjoy. it is not a time to fight. rather, it is a time to raise a glass, together, and share a glass of wine.

president biden’s address, in this uplifting holiday, chooses to report how horrible anti-semitism is in the united states in 2021 and 2022. he offers fbi statistics to boot. he even says that “silence is complicity.”

the adl reporting on anti-semitism, in alignment with the president biden’s facts, noted that they found a 36 percent increase in anti-semitism in the united states. this is happening at that same time that there has been significant reporting that violent terrorism is now rearing its ugly head in israel.

fact: the dramatic increase in anti-semitism has been on president joe biden’s watch. he, however, in part due to the “ice cream principle,” is not held accountable.

it is apparent that jewish community leaders and media politely reported on the customary white hour pr and not to subject it to critical analysis. certainly, it takes a tremendous amount of chutzpah for the president to point a statistically significant without acknowledging that this increase is on his watch. in contrast, he is quick to blame others for every horrible thing imaginable.

as you can see, the “ice cream principle” freezes people from being honest and offering unflattering opinions. there are few people who are willing to say that president biden’s leadership has led to an increase in anti-semitism in the united states and should be credited for the recent middle east violence. the “ice cream principle” applies beyond there mere fact pattern. the president’s nashville shooting press conference was an abomination. it was a disaster, not for the fact that the president went on a rant about chocolate chip ice cream at a time when families were mourning for their nine year old children who were senselessly murdered, but rather the media’s “silent complicity.” no one in that press room wanted to be a hero for the american public and call out the president, to his face, for his inappropriate conduct. no one would have wanted to either exposed him as being incapacitated or being out of touch with humanity. rather, they viewed the moment as one to exercise politeness and ignore a mounting problem.

be well!!

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