Corporation Sacrifice: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a recent article described how a well intentioned human being rescued a baby bison in yellowstone park. the baby bison, as a result, unnaturally became acclimated towards humans. the baby started to follow people and cars. as a result, the bison herd rejected by the baby. officials euthanized the baby. npr

why did the herd reject this baby? was it that the herd perceived the baby now as an existential threat to the herd. did the the herd’s survival require that its members fear humans? likewise, one of theirs getting entangled with human could place other herd members at risk. did the herd accept that they needed to sacrifice one for the sake of the unit’s health and wellbeing? [note: the story’s perplexity “why they could not find wildlife rescue or zoo that could take care of the animal who was no longer fit for the wild?”]

corporations are a fictional construct. human society allows them to be able to act as humans in many ways. they can open bank accounts, enter into contracts, sign leases and open stores, hire and fire employees, and-more conspicuously- engage in social activism. corporations- being fictional- have no soul. there is no consciousness and they don’t bleed. further, they have no life expectancy and don’t face a physical death.

corporations, while not human, exist as part of humanity’s herd. corporations, like the baby bison, can get placed in situations by perceived good-doers that make them a liability to the herd. the inbev corporation, which owns bud light, is an example oof this problem.

inbev’s bud light division, via their marketing personnel, made a decision that they no longer needed a segment of the herd. they were moving on to see out a new generation of consumers. they sought out the trans culture as their new consumer base. in doing so, they chose a controversial influencer whose persona is widely viewed as demeaning towards women. when a large segment of the human herd became enraged at the decision, inbev- unlike a human being who would seek forgiveness- chose not to apologize. rather, the corporation believed that they could “brainwash” people out of their mistake by returning to the advertising that made them widely accepted by the herd. the herd, however, was insulted by the transparent attempt to brainwash. the human herd does not like when its either lied to or manipulated. with that, bud light, and other inbev products, have been hit with one of most successful boycotts in history. not only is no one buying bud light, the company has been forced to take product back. as a result, the corporation’s sales are cratering along with the stock price.

it would appear that the human herd is rejecting this corporation. the corporation, like the baby bison, is on the pathway for euthanization. [note: the baby bison was put down due to its inability to survive in the wild.] perhaps, the only way to save the business would be for inbev to sell off its products to a manufacturer who outright rejects inbev’s actions otherwise, the brand will likely die and perhaps the corporation.

why did the human herd do this? does the human herd value that are only two sexes, male and female? does the human herd value that mothers and fathers should raise children? does the human herd values that children have a right to a childhood of innocence and with no indoctrination towards any form of sexuality? is it that, while the herd is tolerant of those who do not fit within those parameters, that the herd does not wish aberrant ideology be mainstreamed as dogma?

in sum, it appears that the human herd has awakened to witness how other’s good intentions are an existential threat. this awakening has set in motion perhaps the first corporation sacrifice. sadly, there are many good people that work or affiliated with inbev who will be collateral damage. hopefully, they will be able to move on.

be well!!

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