The Ultimate Parenting Challenge

in the book of genesis, the ultimate parenting challenge was tasked upon rebecca. her parenting challenge was of the highest level of complexity. it was both multigenerational, foundational to nations. and was a “mission from god.” rebecca’s husband isaac had issues. he was the subject of a conflict with his older half-brother, ishmael as toContinue reading “The Ultimate Parenting Challenge”

Den-Nation! Fox Cub Dominance. World Order Explained?

a researcher studied fox dens. fox cubs were observed from birth to the point they left the den to enter the world. this was documented in the paper “juvenile behavioural development and intra-litter hierarchy establishment in captive red fox cubs(vulpes vulpes.)” sandra alvarez-betancourt. “observations of captive foxes and infrared video of wild fox earths suggest thatContinue reading “Den-Nation! Fox Cub Dominance. World Order Explained?”

God’s Partner in Creation: Moses’ Mother: A Visionary of the Creationary Echo

god had a vision for the world. he viewed his acts of creation as good. eyes, sight, and vision carry with them different qualities within the torah. “vision” at its highest level deals with issues good, evil, and being able to project the future. a visionary even sees things that are not there! adam andContinue reading “God’s Partner in Creation: Moses’ Mother: A Visionary of the Creationary Echo”