A Monster for the Ten Commandments

thank you. ej ruegemer. god bless you ej ruegemer. he was a true monster for the ten commandments.

according to his obituary, “he firmly believed in the ten commandments as the oldest code of conduct handed down to man. In 1950 he became actively involved in the movement to display the ten commandments in judicial buildings and schools, always maintaining that “should the courts decree that they should not be displayed, then the law should be obeyed.” judge for in the juvenile courtroom and made an effort to make sure that every child would get a copy of the ten commandments. he was a well accomplished man.

since his movement to promote the ten commandments, the world has changed. the display of the ten commandments at judicial buildings and schools may have been effective at the time he implemented his strategy. we now, however, have a digital world. people may never see judicial buildings or schools. brick and mortar establishments may no longer be visual to the general public en masse.

the judicial buildings and schools of the past are now relocated to the internet. thus, to continue with the promotion of the ten commandments, there must be promotion of it via the internet and the social media attached to it. a renewed effort must be made to continue the progress that he made. while we embark on this effort, we should remember and pay tribute to a great from the past, the honorable ej ruegemer

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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