The Littlest Losses Are The Biggest: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

youth is pure and innocent. children’s angelic faces take adults back to the idyllic times when a sandbox was heaven on earth.

a child’s senseless loss can rock a community. while the well respected and aged’s passing can stir a community of memories, an innocent’s loss is one of potential memories and accomplishments; ones that will never happen.

four-year-old, ammar hujayrat’s death has rocked a nation. his passing warranted the president of israel visiting mr. hujayrat’s father. thousands attended his funeral. the significance of this child’s loss cannot be understated.

from the accounts, mr. ammar hujayrat was on playground in bir al-maksur when he was shot dead by stray gunfire. the gunfire apparently came from gangs who exchanging shots from a distance away.

this incident highlighted the issue of lawlessness which was impacting the community.

the challenge will be as to whether ammar hujayrat’s memory can serve to heal the community with respect to its crime problem. what are the solutions?

there is the moral solution brought forth by mr. hujayrat’s father, muhammad. he said “may all muslims come together because of the death of ammar, may god bless him.” he also stated “stay away from violence because it is not the answer. the only answer is for us to return to the path of god.”

there is the law enforcement solution which public security minister omer barlev, who is responsible for israeli police forces, said thursday it was “heartbreaking” to hear of hujayrat’s death and vowed that law enforcement authorities “won’t rest until the gunmen are brought to justice.” “we will fight the crime and violence that are mercilessly harming the arab public,” he tweeted.

perhaps, the solution, for which there may be no answer, is how can society get those who act immorally and outside of the law to stop? can they feel sympathy for this child’s loss? will making them persona non grata help? will the community and their families turning their backs on them help? will outreach to them help?

ammar hujayrat’s loss is really a wake up call for the world. every community in the world must be vigilant towards protect their innocents so that they can leave and prosper. this protection should be by all means available both in heaven and on earth. as the master of the universe has given the humanity the means to achieve the goal, now, it is the time for humanity to step up and deliver.

be well!!

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