A Growing Voice? The Maturation of Moses

this blog post is about moses’ voice. ironically, the torah recounting of the espisode does not have moses speaking at at? thus, if one does not speak, how can their voice mature? after moses murdered the task master and had controntation with the hebrew who successfully questioned moses’ moral authority, he fled to the landContinue reading “A Growing Voice? The Maturation of Moses”

Victims of Theft: A Modest Project Proposal

in my jr. high public school, we had to attend drug education programs. tragically, this programming most likely promoted the use of street drugs as opposed to the intended purpose of discouraging it. the special guest lecturer was a former drug user who told us about the drug using life style. we were not presentedContinue reading “Victims of Theft: A Modest Project Proposal”

Are Some Murders More Equal Than Others? Social Justice vs. Social Justice: God, George Orwell, and Biblical Justice

Are Some Murders More Equal Than Others? God, George Orwell, Justice and Social Justice

A Monster for the Ten Commandments

thank you. ej ruegemer. god bless you ej ruegemer. he was a true monster for the ten commandments. according to his obituary, “he firmly believed in the ten commandments as the oldest code of conduct handed down to man. In 1950 he became actively involved in the movement to display the ten commandments in judicialContinue reading “A Monster for the Ten Commandments”

Thou Shall Not Steal for Those Who Do Not Steal: Flipping the Script: a Lesson from the Other Moses

some believe that there is a relationship between poverty and crime. do poor people engage in crime due to their station in life? do they steal out of need? if the need was eliminated, would this inclination to steal be eliminated? my opinion differs. from life experience, generally, i do not find the poor toContinue reading “Thou Shall Not Steal for Those Who Do Not Steal: Flipping the Script: a Lesson from the Other Moses”