Purple Reign, Purple Reign: Moses vs. David

michael jackson was the king of pop. michael jackson was a multi-talented showman. his hit album “thriller” was on the verge of being permanently number one on the pop chart. something happened. there was new royalty. a prince. with a “purple rain.” the album “purple rain” took down the king of pop. prince, while aContinue reading “Purple Reign, Purple Reign: Moses vs. David”

The Original Rambo a Woman? Remembering a Woman Warrior, Poet

 “i gambled on what mattered most, the dice were cast. i lost” did rambo say this? no. long before rambo there was hanna. her story was real. in world war ii, this young woman was part of special operations for the british military. she was on a mission to assist anti-nazi forces and assist jews in hungary.Continue reading “The Original Rambo a Woman? Remembering a Woman Warrior, Poet”

Den-Nation! Fox Cub Dominance. World Order Explained?

a researcher studied fox dens. fox cubs were observed from birth to the point they left the den to enter the world. this was documented in the paper “juvenile behavioural development and intra-litter hierarchy establishment in captive red fox cubs(vulpes vulpes.)” sandra alvarez-betancourt. “observations of captive foxes and infrared video of wild fox earths suggest thatContinue reading “Den-Nation! Fox Cub Dominance. World Order Explained?”

Can We Learn Morals and Values From Animals?

i have some animal neighbors. they are loud to the point of obnoxious. when you are driving your car and encounter them on the road, they may look at you and play “chicken.” in other words, you need to drive towards them to intimidate them to move. upon further observation, i found something remarkable. theseContinue reading “Can We Learn Morals and Values From Animals?”